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Leather Burnishing with Pro Edge Burnishers

I recently received a beautiful pair of cocobolo leather burnishers from Richard Loy at Pro Edge Burnishers ( Until a few days prior, I’d been burnishing with an assortment of make-do tools, including a home-made burnisher from the wooden dowel of a 1″ sponge paint brush, the plastic burnisher from Tandy, as well as Tandy’s wooden hand burnisher. All were capable of producing nicely burnished edges, within their own constraints. That being said, these Pro Edge Burnishers are a HUGE upgrade!! Not only are they beautiful to look at, they’re a joy to use. Being that the majority of my hand tools originated from an old Tandy kit, it’s nice to finally start adding some quality tools to my collection. I highly recommend!

Check out for more information.

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