Tools & Supplies

The following is a list of various tools & supplies that you may find useful for leather crafting. Please note that many of the items linked below are Amazon affiliate links. Purchasing through these links won't cost you any additional money, but it does help keep the lights on.

Basic Tools for Leather Crafting

Leather Suppliers

  • Wickett & Craig - I typically order their "Tooling/Holster/Carving" vegetable tanned leather. I purchase their "Standard" grade, and I request that they split it down from a thicker hide so the back is as clean as possible. I normally order 7-8 ounce for holsters, 3-4 ounce if I'm lining a holster (I build the whole thing out of 3-4 ounce), and either 3-4 or 4-5 ounce for wallets, journal covers, etc... They will allow you to purchase individual hides

  • Herman Oak - While I love the leather I've gotten from Wickett & Craig, I prefer the warmer coloring of natural Herman Oak. Unfortunately, H.O. requires you to buy leather in bulk from the tannery, and buying from distributors can be hit & miss. I recently noticed Springfield Leather sells "Herman Oak Premium Belt Bend", so I'm giving this a try.

  • The Leather Guy - I don't have a lot of experience with this leather, but the "Artisan's Choice" leather I've used has been very nice. The coloration is similar to Wickett & Craig. The thing I really like about The Leather Guy's website is that nearly every single hide shown on their site is a listing for the actual hide you'll be buying, complete with photos and a description of blemishes for that particular hide. Very cool that they do that!

  • District Leather - I've never personally ordered from them, but I've heard good things about their leather.

  • Acadia Leather - I've never purchased from here either, but I've also heard good things about their leather.

  • Horween Leather - At the risk of sounding repetitive, here's another I've never ordered from, but their leather is very well known.

  • Weaver Leathercraft - Most of what I order from weaver is buckles and tools, but they also sell leather.

Video Equipment