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Laser Cut & Engraved Plywood Phone Stand (with free pattern)

Prior to starting Adams LeatherWorks, I was heavily interested in woodworking. I made random furniture pieces for family & friends and watched The New Yankee Workshop re-runs every morning before work. Once -ALW- was in full-swing, we mothballed nearly all of my woodworking stuff to make room for the leather tools.

Roughly a decade later we moved to a new home with a large workshop & plenty of room for my old woodworking tools, as well as a second-hand laser cutter! We have big plans for this machine. We’ve already started offering acrylic templates of our holster patterns and belt slot templates. Logan (my son) even made our 2018 Christmas ornament with it!

I’m still learning all the settings and exploring the capabilities of this machine and will be the first to admit I’m by no means an expert with this thing! That being said, I wanted to create a video showing my process of coming up with the initial (very simple) design of a plywood phone stand. The video shows the initial sketch, modeling it in SketchUp (not really a necessity for such a simple design), refining and adding an engraving design in Adobe Illustrator (click here to download the vector artwork), then engraving & cutting on the laser cutter. The mandala vector engraving design is from Vecteezy.

I hope you enjoy watching these videos as much as I enjoy creating them.

Take care, Eric Adams

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