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Vacuum Press

Vacuum Press for Forming Holsters

If you’re looking for a way to speed up your holster forming process, you’ve probably started researching either a hydraulic press or vacuum press, maybe both.  I’ve never used a hydraulic press, but have been using a vacuum press to form holsters almost since I first started making holsters.  What follows is a list of components I purchased for my kit.

Vacuum Pump

Here is the vacuum pump I bought from Harbor Freight (note the hose & fittings were not included with the pump – they are from the veneer kit linked next):

Hose Kit

And here is the kit you’ll need for vacuum forming:

Vacuum Bag

The bag I bought was called a Dura Max Elite Polyurethane Vacuum Bag (they’ve either changed the name, or replaced it with a newer version), and I bought the 2 x 4 (30 mil) size