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Holster Patterns – Update


For those of you looking for more information on how to make a leather holster, I’ve added a few new Pancake style holster patterns to my website over the last few days and will be adding more very soon.  Here’s a list of our current downloadable (pancake style) holster patterns:

  1. 1911 – 3″

  2. 1911 – 4.25″

  3. 1911 – 5″

  4. Beretta 92F

  5. Glock 17,22,31

  6. Glock 19,23,30

  7. Glock 26,27,33

  8. Kahr P9 (CW9)

  9. Ruger SR9

  10. Sig P238

  11. Sig P239

  12. Sig P938

  13. Smith & Wesson M&P Shield

  14. Springfield XD-S


Also, several people have contacted me, wanting to buy my Avenger, IWB and mag pouch patterns as-is, even though I don’t have a corresponding tutorial page developed yet. So, I plan on making those available for sale as well very soon, probably with a discounted price until I can get the tutorial pages built. If you’re one of those people, please feel free to contact me and I’ll manually create a PayPal invoice. Just let me know which of my holster patterns you want (and for which of my current gun models, which is available on my website).


Lastly, something I’ve been debating lately is allowing customers to send me scans of their guns, then for a nominal fee, I’ll create a custom holster pattern for their gun.  The fit won’t be as tight as if I’d built a mock-up from the pattern using an actual gun (or dummy gun), but it’ll be a good starting point for customers to then make any necessary tweaks to the design or stitch lines.  So, if you would like to build your own holsters, but don’t feel like coming up with your own patterns, this might be a good option for you.  What do you think?  Is this something you’d be interested in?


If you’ve built any custom leather holsters using any of my holster patterns, please share your photos with us on our Facebook page!

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