Slim 3-Pocket Wallet

Slim 3-Pocket Wallet


This slim 3-pocket leather wallet is ideal for front pocket carry (and it certainly works fine in your back pocket too!) and is great for those who carry a few credit/debit cards at a time, and maybe a little bit of folded cash and/or folded receipts. In fact, the wallet shown in these photos is the same wallet I've daily-carried since 2015, and it looks amazing with the added patina. For reference, I carry 9-10 cards in the two interior pockets, consisting of I.D. / Debit / Insurance / Security Access / Etc. cards, leaving the exterior pocket free for receipts or small amounts of cash.


The wallet is constructed with premium vegetable tanned leather, and is machine sewn with durable nylon thread and the edges are waxed and burnished. We do not apply sealer to our wallets, as we want them to remain flexible and take on a natural patina over time with everyday use.

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