Mag Pouch PA-1: Standard
  • Mag Pouch PA-1: Standard


    The “PA-1″ is our Pancake style – Single Mag pouch.  It is designed in the Pancake style, meaning it has a leading and trailing belt slot and is intended to be worn on the off-hand side with bullet tip facing forward.  It is designed to pull the magazine pouch tight to the body, though the design tends to take up a little more room on the belt than rear-slot designs.


    Model Specifics

    The “Standard” model includes the most commonly selected options our customers select.  With this model, you get to choose from our full range of colors (including airbrushed accents) and It also includes a leather reinforcement piece and pinch guard to help guide the magazine into the pouch.  Tooling is not included with this model.  If you would like the pinch guard to extend full-height beyond the top of the magazine (to act more like a sweat shield), we offer that option for no additional charge.