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Cobra Class 4 Photos

Since early 2012, I’ve been using the Cobra Class 4 from Leather Machine Company for all my sewing needs.  Prior to that, I was using the Tippmann Boss hand powered stitcher from Tippmann Industrial.  According to the Leather Machine Company website (as of late 2012), the Cobra Class 4 specifications are as follows:


  1. 16 ½ ” Cylinder Arm

  2. Sews from 6 oz. to 7/8″

  3. Thread sizes from 69 to 415

  4. Triple Feed mechanism

  5. Built in bobbin winder

  6. Reverse stitches in same holes

  7. Stitch Length from 3-22 stitches an inch

  8. Sews pads, blankets,webbing, canvas, bio-plastics, upholstery, etc…

  9. 28 LED Super Beam Lamp

  10. Heavy Duty Speed Reducer

  11. Variable Speed Digital DC Servo Motor

  12. Heavy Duty pedestal stand with locking casters

  13. Thread Stand

This article isn’t really intended to be a review of the Cobra Class 4, but instead is a source of Cobra Class 4 Photos that (at the time I’m writing this) are currently lacking on the internet.  These aren’t professional photos by any means – I simply took photos of my machine sitting in the middle of my garage.  The accessories that are shown were all included with my machine, which I purchased just prior to the “Premium” and “Standard” packages being offered on their website.  Note that I modified my stirrup plate (flattened the top) to work better with one of my holster designs.

Here is a video I shot with my iPhone immediately after installing the servo motor switch modification provided by Leather Machine Company to fix the (early 2012) servo motor’s extreme sensitivity, which resulted in very little control of the speed via the foot pedal.

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Once the servo motor problem was brought to Steve’s attention (“Cobra Steve” @ Leather Machine Company), they took it on themselves to develop an easy fix to increase the control of the servo motor.  There was already fixes being discussed on the internet, and all seemed to drastically improve the motor’s control-ability.  After trying a few myself, I was extremely excited to see the fix Steve and his team had created worked better than any of my own attempts, providing an even greater range of speed control.  Way to go Leather Machine Company!