Pancake: Ultimate w/ Thumb Strap
  • Pancake: Ultimate w/ Thumb Strap


    (Example photo with a thumb strap is unavailable at this time - we will add it the next time we build this combination) The Pancake style holster features a full combat shooting grip, optional reinforced opening and sweat shield and is constructed of premium American made leather. It is designed to fit up to 1.5″ belts. Like the Avenger, we build this holster with an approximate 15 degree forward cant. The Pancake style holster will tend to conceal slightly better than the Avenger, as there is not an additional layer of leather between the belt and the pants (as is the case with the Avenger style).


    Model Specifics

    The “Ultimate” model includes all the options we currently offer.  With this model, you get to choose from our full range of colors (including airbrushed accents) and It also includes a leather reinforcement piece, sweat shield and floral tooling.