Mag Pouch PA-1: Ultimate (1911 .45 ACP)

Mag Pouch PA-1: Ultimate (1911 .45 ACP)


This floral tooled mag pouch is unused, and ready for shipment. I made this incorrectly for a customer (bullet tip was supposed to face the opposite direction). I make my magazine pouches with the bullet tip facing forward, so this would have been for a left-side carry (right-handed shooter). If bullet direction doesn't matter for you (or you're a right-handed shooter), this will work well for you.

Item Specifics:
The mag pouch was formed around a 1911 .45 ACP single-stack magazine. As you can see in the photo, it will also work with the EMP 9mm magazine. It was built with Wickett & Craig vegetable tanned leather, dyed black and sealed with an acrylic finish.

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