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Immediately below, you’ll find our freely available basic overview video showing how to make leather holsters. Note that this is a 3-part video. Since we recorded this video, we’ve modified some of our methods and techniques. However, this video will give you a good idea of the overall process of how to make leather holsters.  Unfortunately, this 3-part video is not available in HD.

Our videos cover various aspects of building custom leather holsters (eventually we hope to cover other aspects of leatherwork as well, like bag making, journal cover builds, etc.).  Some of these videos are the same videos that have accumulated a combined viewing of nearly a quarter million views on YouTube.  In the interest of keeping the lights on and my kids fed, we’ve pulled those videos down and made them available here via subscription. The following is a list of our currently available videos visible to subscribers:


alw-avenger-13How to make an Avenger style holster pattern – 44 minutes – HD quality Using the S&W M&Pc, Eric will show you the basics of how to make an Avenger style holster pattern, as well as how to make a leather holster mock-up out of scrap leather to test the pattern, and ends with a brief discussion of the minor tweaks he’d make to the pattern to perfect it moving forward.

alw-pancake-18How to make a Pancake style holster pattern – 19 minutes – HD quality Using the Sig P238, Eric will show you the basics of how to make a basic Pancake style holster pattern using a sheet of heavy paper, a pencil, pen, ruler and an eraser. Join us for our first full-length instructional video as we help you get your first holster project off to a running start!
alw-iwb-11How to make an IWB2 style holster pattern – 34 minutes – HD quality Using the Kimber Solo, Eric will show you the basics of how to make what he refers to as the “IWB2” style holster pattern.  Most holster makers build some variation of this wildly popular inside-the-wasteband holster, but those just starting out have a difficult time figuring out exactly how this holster style is assembled.  This video starts by showing you the basics of how to create the pattern, and ends with a fast-paced, in-depth look at building a mock-up holster to test the pattern.  Note – portions of this video are played back at many times normal speed to save time, but it still managed to be 34 minutes long!


alw-belts-02How to make a Leather Gun Belt – 43 minutes – HD quality In this video, Eric will show the entire process of making a double layered leather gun belt suitable for concealed carry.



ALW-avenger-thumbHow to form an Avenger style holster – 19 minutes – HD quality Using the 4.25″ 1911, Eric will show you how to detail-mold an Avenger style holster using only a minimal amount of basic hand tools.

ALW-applying-acrylic-sealer-thumbHow to apply acrylic sealer to holsters – 5 minutes – HD quality There are several methods you can use to apply acrylic sealer to your leather items.  For example, you can airbrush it on, or you can dip your items in the finish, or you can even rub it on with a soft cloth.  Each has its positives and negatives.  I prefer to brush it on because it soaks in really well.  This video shows just that – brushing on acrylic sealer with a 1″ sponge paint brush.
ALW-tool-pan-reinforcement-thumbHow to tool Pancake reinforcement – 10 minutes – HD quality This video demonstrates how I tool one of my Pancake style holster reinforcement pieces.  It’s not intended to show you how to tool the particular tooling pattern that is included with any particular holster pattern I sell (unless this is the actual design that came with your pattern…), as I have several different patterns floating around out there.  What this video shows is the basic workflow and techniques I typically use when tooling holsters for my customers.