I'm very happy with the holster. I use it mainly for surveillance and off-duty use. Good quality and comfortable to wear.

Paul K.

Just wanted to tell you I received my mag pouches the other day and they arrived in fine shape. I opened the box and I felt like the wind had been sucked right out of me... They. Are. Stunning. Not just nice, they're gorgeous. Absolutely nothing short of functional art. Eric... Do the world a great service and quit your day job. We need your full time and attention dedicated to the task at hand and that task is turning out more leather like this.

Paul H.

I've had my holster for a few months now and absolutely love it! Thank You so much and you have another customer for life.

Kenn S.

Eric - The holsters and mag pouches arrived today, and just like the Avenger that I ordered before, this Pancake and Avenger as well as the mag pouches are beautiful. You continue to produce excellent workmanship. I love the way the Pancake style pulls my Commander length 1911 high and tight against my side. Two thumbs up!

Jeff W.

Eric, sorry for taking so long to get back to you, but I wanted to really put the holster through it's paces before remarking on it. You produced a G27 pancake holster for me by special request back in July. I wanted to provide some feedback on it! Craftsmanship is outstanding! I was truly impressed with the quality of the work and the leather. The color turned out great as well! Wearing it is very comfortable, lightweight, unobtrusive. It stays put despite what I throw at it. I've owned(and own) leather holsters from places like Tucker, and yours has no problem giving it a run for it's money in quality and appearance. Overall, I'm thoroughly impressed with both the holster and the mag carrier. I've already recommended your work to others, hopefully they don't clog up the queue too much! I hope to get a new pancake for my 1911 early next year with matching mag carriers as well. Thank you again!

Travis N.

Just wanted to let you know I love the holster! It's a fantastic piece of work, very high quality! I would definitely recommend you to anyone wanting a custom holster!

Brett P.

I got my Avenger a little over a month ago, I think. I'm very pleased with the craftsmanship and the boning of the lines. The stitching is immaculate and the gun fits snug without being a tight draw. One thing I like is, the trigger guard is molded so well, the gun actually clicks in when holstering, similar to a kydex holster for those who have used one. For those who were concerned with the sweatshield, mine is very well molded and very thin, so it doesn't seem to add any bulk while wearing it. I've only been able to wear it a few times, because it's been unbearably hot here in NC the last month or so, but it conceals well under a longer button down shirt and I'm sure as the weather turns cool, it'll do great under a jacket or winter coat. BTW, I LOVE the airbrushed accents to the holster. Mine's the brown with black airbrush accents and white thread.

Brian M.

Hi Eric, Just received my gear and I just can't say enough about your work I'm proud to wear it. Thank you.

Jeffrey H.

Eric and Kimberly - I just received this week the tooled Avenger Holster that you made for me for use with my Ed Brown 5" 1911. I couldn't be happier with the initial quality, beauty and fit of this holster. It is truly a fine piece of gun leather, and you are to be congratulated on the production of such a fine product. I intend to brag on your product in a couple of forums that I frequent, and with several of my friends. Well, I'll be doing that after I get an order in the queue for a couple of more holsters, that is! I see that you note leather gun belts 'coming soon' on your site. Are you ready to take orders for belts? I would love to order belts to match the holster that I just received and to match the holsters that I am about to order. Thanks again, and I wish Adams Leatherworks much success in the future!

Jeff W.

Eric, I received the holster today. I must say it is even better than I had expected. Even my wife of some 40 years, who knows little about firearms, thinks it really looks good. Actually "pretty" is her exact words. I have been following your "break in" instructions. Actually my Wilson fits perfect and the cant is exactly what I wanted. You can now add a mark for Youngstown, OH. to your list of satisfied customers. It pleases me to see what is actually a work of art produced by a genuine craftsman. I can assure you that I will be ordering from you again.

Dennis M.

Hey Eric..Got the holster today and it's fantastic. Superb craftmanship, the fit is perfect! Thanks..I will put up some pics of it with my pistol.

Darren H.

I would just like to tell you that your holsters look great. I make all my own holsters and I can see the thought process and the craftmanship you put into your product. I wish you the best of luck and hopefully some day you can quite your day job. Thanks for some of the tips in the video.

Juston S.

I cannot say enough about your work and how pleased I am. I also want you to know that I think your video showing what you do was the key in my decision in making your holster my choice. I have seen about every holster makers website and even seeing what looked very nice, it's knowing how it's done and watching the work in progress was a joy to watch.

David C.

Well Eric....I think its perfect. Nice piece of leather to start, no flaws. Attention to detail overall is superlative. Stitching is uniform and consistent; finish is the same right down to finished edges not only around the periphery but on the inside edges of the belt slots! Boning is precise and deep. I'm really impressed with the the integrated belt slot/mouth reinforcement piece. Fit is tight as it should be. Turn over the holster and the attention to detail continues.The design is just right for me; high and tight with the right amount of cant. IMO you nailed it.

Dave N.

I just received the holster pictured below from particle, and it is a beauty!!! Wow, it is even more stunning in person than the photo of particle's below shows it to be. The two tone use of both black and brown is supurb, and it offers a greater variety for wearing either a black or brown gun belt. Folks, this is a fine work of pure craftsmanship.... and at a much, much lower price than a lot of the other custom holste makers want for their products. I would highly recommend a holster from Adams LeatherWorks.... and I'm going to order a second one from him. Figure I'd better do it know before he gets to be famous and his prices go up, LOL !!

Dave T.

I didn't think it was possible but your "artwork" has exceeded my expectations! Your pancake design is outstanding with some of the best carving I have seen. It is every bit as good or better than my El Paso Saddlery carved rigs. I hope you took pics to post on your website illustrating your talents in single action artistry.

The retention and reholstering is a little snug as I expected but will only get better with use. I can't wait to see the look on my cousin's face and hear his comments next weekend when he sees this. It'll be our last weekend at the ranch this deer season.

I've carried a custom Combat Commander for the last 20+ years and have always wanted to carry a single action concealed. Would you be willing to take on a new project? A CC rig for my custom 3 1/2" Ruger Birdshead Vaquero, also in 45 Colt. I'm more confident with this than my Commander. If so, I'll get with you in a couple of weeks once I've had time to put together my ideas. I'll need a 6 round slide to go with it also. Let me know when you have time.

Thanks again for finishing it ahead of schedule.

Mike B.

Eric, just wanted you to know that now after a couple of months of daily wear of my new IWB M2 holster for my Sig P938, I'm even more pleased now than when I first opened the package upon receipt; and I was one happy camper that day. Your workmanship is actually better than my prized IWB from a well-known and quite famous maker, the design is sound, the materials are of the First Order. To say I'm quite pleased would be an understatement. I'm former military and LE, have seen about every holster out there, and your work stands with the very best. I was so impressed with my leather, I recommended you to my BIL for his Sig P938, and he now has one on order with you. Thank you for making what is now my most favored IWB rig for daily wear. You truly rock and have made me a customer for life.

Rick V.