What is a Sweat Shield

A sweat shield is the part of the holster between your body and the firearm.  It is designed to help reduce the transfer of sweat to the firearm.  It also acts as a friction barrier.  Without it, the top of the holster would be trimmed on the back to match the front.

What is a Reinforcement Piece

A reinforcement piece is used to stiffen the holster, helping to keep the holster from collapsing and helping to allow one-handed re-holstering.

What is a pinch guard

We offer a pinch guard option on our magazine pouches.  A pinch guard is very similar to a sweat shield, but the pinch guard only extends upward from the top of the pouch around 1/2″.  Its main purpose is to act like a funnel to help guide the magazine into the pouch.

What is OWB and IWB

OWB=Outside the Waistband

IWB=Inside the Waistband

Do you offer exotic trim on your holsters

We don’t currently provide any type of exotic skins for our holsters.  Exotic skins are fairly expensive and we can’t afford to have excess funds tied up at this point.